Sellers Guide

Thinking of selling your home in Vancouver?


Let us help you! Selling your home can seem like a daunting task but with the right advise, the process can we a lot easier. 


Seller Representation

Our Conceirge Level of Service

The VANCITYliving team will tend to every need throughout the home sales process to ensure a worry-free experience for you. You can expect insight and information from a market expert, marketing strategies tailored to your property, proactie communication and ongoing consultation. 

The marketing professionals at Engel & Volkers who support their advisors have committed themselves to a clearly defined goal: identify the maximum value of your property and to sell it for the best price possible. Using our broad range of expertise and the specialized training received at our company-owned academy, we dedicate ourselves to this goal and perform with total passion. 


Initial Assessment

Getting to Know Your Needs

The better we know you, the better we can serve you. That is why we start with an individual consultation with every client. Our goal is to get a better understanding of your expectations and to learn more about the property through your eyes. As a leading real estate company with an international profile, you will be provided with exceptional service that starts from day one. During this step in the process, our advisor will review every aspect of your property, ask questions and research the local market trends and activity. The steps are taken to determin key marketing points, outline the ways i nwhich we will collaborate with you on a pricing strategy, identify your home's target audience and gain a full understanding of your specific and unique needs. 

This crucial first step sets a course for you, our advisor, our brokerage and our brand to work together to sell your home at the highest price within an acceptable time frame and in a stress-free manner. 

The Scope of Our Research:

- Review your property

- Conduct a homeowner interview

- Research market activity and trends

- Identify target audience

- Outline pricing strategy

- Gain full understanidng of unique homeowner needs



The VANCITYliving team takes pride in a deep understanding of the market and this translates into honest, sound advice for the sale of your property. Furthermore, using expert insight and market data we will work with you to create a pricing strategy that best reflects your interests. We provide you with:

- A weekly market update which includes information on recent sales and relevant new listings in order to keep you informed and up-to-date on your property in relation to the market

- Timely feedback from all showings, both from buyers and agents who viewed the property

- Constant monitoring of our pricing strategy to ensure that it is always aligned with the current state of the market

- Two years of professional appraiser experience on the team; invaluable market knowledge



Your property needs to be in the appropriate condition for the sale strategy. We have strong reliable connections with stagers, interior designers, handymen and tradespeople to help best showcase your home.  


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