Thinking of selling your home in Vancouver?


Let us help you! Selling your home can seem like a daunting task but with the right advise, the process can we a lot easier. 


Where do you begin?

You need to determine why and when you want to sell your home. Motivation can play a huge role in deterring the course of action you need to take. 


When’s the right time to sell in Vancouver?

With the market constantly changing, there is no perfect time to sell your home. Many people think Spring or Summer are the best time to sell a home but seasons are only one factor. There are always people looking to buy and sell, regardless of which season it is. 

Simply ask a Real Estate Advisor when they think you should sell your home. 


Who should you work with?

Finding the right Realtor for you is key. There are lots of Realtors to choose from in Vancouver but you need to find the right fit for you!  

We always suggest looking for someone locally. Better yet, an expert in your neighbourhood! Someone that has bought and sold numerous homes in your area. They will likely know your area inside and out and be able to provide strategic insights for selling your home in this specific area. 

A good REALTOR will know the market well, supply you with information on past sales, current listings, off-market opportunities and market data. They should also provide a solid marketing plan which should indicate how much your home should sell for.

Trust is a huge component when finding the right Realtor. Make sure you feel comfortable with the Realtor you choose. 


You found the right Realtor, what’s next?


Sign a listing agreement! 

A listing agreement authorizes the Realtor and their brokerage to market and sell your home. 


The 3 Main Purposes of a listing agreement:

1) It defines our relationship and every detail and limits of your Realtor's authority. 

2) It provides detailed information on the home which can be posted the boards Multiple Listing Service (MLS). 

3) It forms a basis for drafting offers on your home, formal offers start with the Listing Agreement.


Set your price!

The right price is key for selling your home. You want to attract the right buyers, not deter them. An educated Realtor will know the factors affecting the market and be able to provide you with the right facts and information to set your price. 

Your neighbourhood may be undergoing redevelopment from rezoning changes or a large company may be opening up nearby and bringing jobs. Demand for housing, interest rates may be affecting peoples willingness to take out mortgages and new rules or regulations are just a few other factors that your Realtor will be able to inform you of. 

A Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to the recently sold, active and expired homes in your area will be done as well to help you set the listing price. 


Prepare your home!

Bring out the mop, vacuum, tool belt and paint brush! You want to ensure your house is presentable. Often times, it’s the little things you can do to attract an offer. Declutter, clean everything and repair as much as you can! Have an empty home? Let us know and we can refer you to a great staging company. 


Now it’s time for us to market your home!

This is where our expertise, experience and hard-work pays off. We will have an in-depth meeting to go over our marketing tactics and strategies so that we can achieve your real estate goals. 


Our Marketing Strategy

We use a range of strategies from traditional media to social media platforms. 

- We have an extensive website that generates thousands of visits a month from potential buyers

- Digital marketing strategies through our network of followers and paid advertising

- High-end print marketing tactics

- Traditional networking

- Ads across various platforms

- Email campaigns

- So much more…


Time to get your finances in order!

- Is your mortgage portable without any penalties? 

- Can the buyer assume your mortgage? 

- Can you discharge your mortgage without any penalties? 

- Does capital gains tax apply to you? 

Talk with your mortgage broker and perhaps your accountant to see what applies. Don’t have a mortgage broker? Let us know and we can refer you to one!


Let’s look at offers!

This can be an exciting but daunting time! There may be some conditions you want to change or you’re unsure the offer itself. This is the reason you hired us! We have dealt and negotiated with hundreds of offers. We will go over each and every detail with you so that you can make an informed and confident decision. 

The offer came in well below the asking price? Don’t be offended! Instead, let’s evaluate it for what it’s worth and counter back. Negotiation is an art and we’re here to guide you through the process to success. 


Close the deal!

Success! Now what?

Step 1. Find a Real Estate Lawyer or Notary 

Step 2. Immediately being satisfying any conditions that require your actions to complete

Step 3. Notify the lawyer/notary and lending institution if the buyer is assuming your mortgage. 

Step 4. Contact utilities, telephone and cable companies about transfer or removal of service

Step 5. Call an insurance agent and arrange the cancellation or transfer of your homeowners insurance

Step 6. Call a moving company, organize boxes and make sure you have reserved street parking for the movers! If moving into a strata, contact the Property Manager.

Step 7. Notify us immediately if there are any changes to your property or situation.