5 Tips For A Smooth Move!

moving tips

Moving in? Moving out? These tips will help you make a smooth move!

1. Get Rid of Unwanted Items

Make room for new things in your life: De clutter is the most important step. Go through your closets, cupboards and storage.  Call Recycling BC hot line 604-732-9253  (rcbc.bc.ca ) to learn where is the nearest location to recycle & donate! They can tell you which organization can pick up donations items including furniture.

2. Book the Elevator

Check with the building manager when can you use the elevator for your moving day; make sure to reserve the elevator on both sides.

3. Schedule Your Moving Day

Reserve parking spot for the moving truck. In Vancouver, apply to reserve meter spaces at least 3 days prior to your move: 

4. Separate Important Items!

Back up computer files, pack important documents like passports and MSP cards in a labeled bag or box to carry in your private car- make sure you know where that bag is all the time.

5. Leave the Keys

Finally, leave all the keys to your old house in one spot (storage locker, doors in the house, garage door...) arrange all the manuals and documents related to the place you are leaving in one spot for the new owner. 


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