Home Staging 101: Why It's Important to Stage Your Home for Sale

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Why It's Important to Stage Your Home For Sale

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Home staging is an art. It takes a keen, strategic eye to transform a space to its fullest potential, which is why we always bring in the expert - Meme Brooks. We have been working with Meme for a few years now and have seen great success for our clients. If you want top dollar for the sale of your home, then we highly recommend staging.

But we'll let the expert (Meme) tell you why!


Why stage your home when selling?

According to the National Association of Realtors, homes in Vancouver that are staged professionally sell for up to 15% more. On a home worth $1 million, this could mean an extra $150,000 in your pocket! Staging your home or condo costs a fraction of this price. 

Staged homes also sell almost four times faster than homes that are not professionally staged. A 2015 RESA study found that homes that had not been staged were on the market an average of 156 days. Staged homes, by contrast, averaged only 42 days on the market before they were sold. 

The bottom line: Whether you want to minimize time on the market, or maximize your sale price having your professionally staged prior to listing is one of the smartest investments you can make!


What is a professional home stager?

A professional home stager is an experienced individual or team that has the ability to visualize someone's space (empty or furnished) and transform this space to the desired eye of home buyers. 


Why is important to use a professional home stager?

It's important to use a professional as they have an outside, unbiased opinion on someone's space. Not only with certification, but also with experience that brings versatility and trust that the job will get done right and generate positive results. 


Why is staging your home important when selling, specficially in Vancouver?

Staging now more than ever is very important when selling, especially in Vancouver's inflated market. Your space needs to feel as new as possible and like a blank canvas, so potential buyers can imagine themselves living in the space. The goal is to have potential buyers come in and be able to visualize the best layout and their furniture in the home. Depersonalization is a key factor in staging as buyers have a different perspective when they feel like they are intruding in someone's space. 


Do you have to stage the entire home or can you do partial staging?

Partial stages are common! Some of our clients just need the main rooms staged or some staging direction and fresh new items to create a neutral feeling. The great thing about staging is it's very versatile and at the end of the day, fixed on the client's budget. If you have great living room furniture and layout, but were planning to replace your outdated bedroom furniture, we can just bring in new bedroom pieces. We can stage with a couple accessories and artwork to furnishing an entire detached home top to bottom. 


Do you use our furniture, rent it or your own?

That is dependent on the job! We have 3 warehouses full of furniture that is just for home staging. We have everything from beds and sofas to soap dispensers and fresh towels. A big plus about our furniture, is that everything is for sale!


What prep do you need to do before staging a home?

It's surprising to our clients how quick we can get this done. All we need to prep is a 10-30 minute walk through of the home. We take some notes and snap some pictures, then the next time we are at the home, we are placing furniture! There are some homes that need some painting touch ups, new lighting, etc. However, we can get most of this done within a week or less and also work as your project manager, if you need to coordinate moving out furniture, handyman work or cleaning services. Leave it all i nour hands, our goal is to create a stress-free, easy solution while getting your home ready for sale!


How much does home staging cost?

This is a tricky question to answer as it's dependent on the size of the home and what needs to be done. We work alongside your budget and do everything we can to fit in your parameters. 


Is it best to keep home staging neutral or choose a specific style?

When we stage a home, we analyze all the details. We find uniqueness in the home and drive attention towards those aspects. For the most part, we keep stages neutral and modern but throw a pop of colour in here and there to ensure your home or suite stands out from all the others. We want a wow factor when buyers walk-in and that colour pop usually does the trick!


Is it better to make the home looked lived in or more of a fresh show suite?

We like to create an in-between of this! We want a home to look it's very best and feel fresh and as clean as you would feel walking into a show suite. However, we also want the home to live up to realistic expectations and show how livable it can be. This includes full bathroom essentials and chef-inspired accessories in the kitchen. 


Is staging only for vacant properties or occupied homes as well?

Staging is for any home, lived in or not! For homes that are occupied, we try to place furniture that is more convenient for the owner if they are living there. We also suggest staging purchases and will do the shopping for our clients. Staging purchases can be fresh towels for example, which is included in the budget but the clients gets to keep them after the job is done. 


Should you stage a low-end condo or is it best to save the money?

If anything, staging a low-end condo is the best way to go! Whether this is a condo that is up for a reno or just for a lower price point, staging will help. Placing modern furniture in a lower end condo will help the buyers visualize how they can use the bones of this house to create a new and improved suite. When attracting a turn-key buyer in the low end market, staging helps these buyers feel confident that they are able to live a lifestyle they love and don't have to break the bank. A house is a home no matter how big or small!


About You:

At Meme Brooks Design (MBD) we are passionate about helping sellers maximize the return on their home investment while minimizing  their time on the market. Our expert team has oodles of experience in showcasing homes to create a luxurious, high-end feel in any home that encourages buyers to envision it as their new dream home. Whether moving furniture, painting walls, or organizing repairs, we do all we can to improve your curb appeal with an eye to keeping the process swift, respectful and fun. 

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How long have you been in the business?

Meme Brooks Design Inc. has been in business for over 10 years! And working in homes around Vancouver since 2017. 


What is your design background?

The MBD Team is a full service Interior Design firm as well as a Decorating and Staging company, we know homes inside and out. Meme has worked in the construction field for her whole adult life and worked for years as a colour specialist at Benjamin Moore. 


What's your favourite design trend right now?

We are always pushing the limits with colour because we love how it lifts a space and has the ability to create positive moods in your home and business. We are also focusing on small space design. So many home owners are downsizing into condos and small spaces. We are passionate about helping small spaces feel as spacious and functional as possible, as well as inserting personality in the furnishings considering new builds can be fairly 'cookie cutter'. MBD also has designed a brand new line of furniture that reflects the realities of living in small spaces while also reflecting your fun personality!


What's your favourite neighbourhood in Vancouver?

Commercial Drive! A few of our team members live in this area. We love the neighbourhood for the heritage homes, mature trees and abundance of restaurants and shopping. We love gentrifying areas and this is for sure one of them. Mezcal, Marcellos and Havana are a few of our fave places for a drink or a bite. And our studio space is close in Railtown! 


Thank you Meme! 

Let us know what you think about home staging in the comments. 




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