Thinking of Buying a Home in Vancouver?

Vancouver is a great choice! The city has so much to offer. However, locating the perfect home in your price range isn’t always an easy task but that’s where we are able to help! 


Our job is to make the process of purchasing a home easier, more enjoyable, less time-consuming and less expansive for you! Multiple offers are a common occurrence in the Vancouver Real Estate Market. 

We will help prepare you so that sellers perceive you as the preferred buyer, locate and assess properties for sale that match your specifications and help you through the myriad of details that come with the actual purchase. 


Step 1. Why do you want to buy?

- To stop paying rent?

- To start building equity?

- To have a place to call your own?

- To raise a family?

- To invest in Real Estate?

- To move to a bigger house? A smaller house?


Step 2. What kind of home do you want to buy?

First make a list of your requirements but make sure to separate the must haves from the want to haves!

- Determine which area

       - City

       - Suburban

       - Neighbourhood

       - Country

- Community

       - North Shore

       - Westside

       - Eastside

       - South

- Neighbourhood

       - Older, settled, built in community

       - Sparkling new

       - Young and hip

       - A particular school zone

       - Recreational facilities

       - Transportation or commute times

       - Day cares nearby

       - Librarys, shopping, entertainment

- Style of home

       - Modern

       - Traditional

       - Mix

- How much space do you need?

- Do you require a one level home?

- Size and kind of property

- Fixer up?

- How long do you expect to live in this particular home?


Step 3. Loan Pre-Qualification

The next step is to get pre-qualified with a mortgage company. This can be done over the phone or online in minutes!

Not sure who to use? Let us know and we can refer you to a mortgage professional! 


Step. 4 Let the house hunting begin!

Now that you have pre-qualified for a loan and know what price range you want to stay in, we will help find your dream home! To find your home, we not only use MLS but also our key contacts in the industry. 


Step. 5 You found your dream home! What next?

We will help you write an offer that gets accepted! Once it’s accepted, we will then help you complete your financing, arrange inspections and close the transaction.