Selling Homes in a Couple Weeks in this Slow Market is Possible

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So who says a house can’t sell in a week, like the good old days?

I got a call from Jeremy in the middle of September, a referral from a past client. Jeremy and his wife were looking to sell their townhouse in Fairview and move to Ontario so they could spend Christmas with their family. He asked if it could be done in this slow and uncertain market. He didn’t want to put the house on the market at a low price and just dump his real estate below market value. He needed as much money as possible. I replied confidently, “Yes, it is possible to sell before Christmas, but only if you listen to me and let me market your property correctly.” 

The townhouse was built in the mid 1980’s with minimal updates and needed lots of TLC. The unit had lots of potential but required a lot of work before it could be shown to any potential buyers. I asked the couple to clear all the clutter from shelves, walls, closets and the huge crawlspace under their unit. After a week of cleaning and de-cluttering the home was ready for pictures. After a number of professional pictures were taken we were ready to determine a price for the home. 

I looked at what buyers were paying for similar town homes in the area, this gave us a good idea of the market value of the home (what the market was WILLING to pay for the property). We priced it sharply and NOT below market value.  
I needed one week to market the home before any showings and we were ready. After the first week we had our first offer accepted and the subjects were removed 10 days later. Their home sold for $4,000 less than what we had it listed for. Jeremy and his wife are over the moon. Their families back in Ontario were in tears to hear that their kids will be back home in time for Christmas. 

If you are thinking of selling your home and need it sold fast and for top dollar, call me and I will explain how we market our homes. I will also be able to give you a rough estimate for what price and how long it will take your house to sell.

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